Tórsvøllur stadium

The national stadium of the Faroe Islands is set in the century-old sports hub of Gundadalur north of the centre of the capital, Tórshavn.

Previously, the Faroes had used Sweden and then Svangaskar∂ in Toftir before Tórsvøllur was cut into the ground in 1999.

Tórsvøllur/Birgir Kruse

Around it is the smaller stadium of Gundadalur, home of Thórshavn rivals HB and B36.

With an all-seated capacity of 6,000 along three sides, Tórsvøllur comprises one main stand, an open one opposite and another covered one behind one goal.


The stadium complex is a 10min walk north of Thórshavn town centre upRC Effersøes gøta. It’s also on the No.1 bus line, one stop to Gundadalur from central Steinatún.


Visiting supporters should check with their individual national associations for ticket details.

No,12/Birgir Kruse


In the main stand, No.12 opens from 11am every six days a week and 2pm on Sundays. Known for its smoothies, it also serves Faroese beers Ve∂rur, Okkara and the slightly darker Okkara Klassik – although sales of alcohol according to the match concerned.