Libero is a digital travel guide for football fans.

Using thousands of original photos and only first-hand research, taken and undertaken over the course of the last two seasons, Libero aims to be the most up-to-date travel companion to the game’s most exciting destinations, city-by-city, club-by-club.

Leaving no turnstile or barstool unturned, Libero has been painstakingly put together to enhance every match-day and the Euro-night experience. From airport to arena, downtown sports bar to hotel, Libero wants you to get the best out of your visit to Europe’s main clubs and major football cities.

Stadiums, bars, hotels, stores and tours, all members of Europe’s top four leagues, as well as scores in France, Holland, Portugal and across simply daft parts of Eastern Europe, have been visited, assessed and snapped.

National arenas, city rivalries, supporters’ bars, club museums, stadium tours, every aspect of football culture has been covered.

Regularly refreshed with new destinations and a weekly travelogue, Libero is your one-click treasure trove of football trip tips, tales and trivia.

Whether you’re following your team to Tiraspol or taking the boys to the Nou Camp, you may have issues with the venues we found – or even discovered better yourself. Perhaps the club shop now opens an hour later on Thursdays or the bus to the stadium runs less frequently. Whatever the case, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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