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A treasure trove of football trip tips, tales and trivia

Libero is a comprehensive guide for football travellers.

Using only original photos and first-hand research, taken and undertaken over countless trips, groundhops and weekends away, Libero is the most up-to-date travel companion to football’s myriad destinations, country by country, city by city, club by club.

Libero has been painstakingly put together to enhance every match-day and the Euro-night experience. From airport to arena, downtown sports bar to hotel, Libero helps you get the best out of your visit to any main club and/or their local rivals, and explore as yet uncharted corners of planet football.


Whether you’re following your side to Sarajevo or taking the kids to the San Siro, Libero will find you a handy bar round the corner or a hotel nearer to the ground than one you’ve booked at a city-outskirt trading estate.

Stadiums, pubs, hotels, stores and tours, all aspects of football travel have been covered, assessed and snapped. Contributors have crossed the continent from Faro to Tromsø, and trekked the length of England, Scotland and Ireland, to create the most comprehensive guide to following football in 500 cities and 50 countries.

Doing the 92 has been combined with Doing the 42 and broadened across Europe to produce something along the lines of Doing the 492.

Beyond Europe, with one eye on the 2026 World Cup, we also follow the expansion of MLS across North America and rise of the A-League around Australia and New Zealand.

Regularly refreshed with new destinations, best-of lists and blogs shedding light on the game’s most extraordinary stories, Libero is your one-click treasure trove of football trip tips, tales and trivia.

If have an issue with the venues we’ve suggested – or discovered better yourself – we’d be delighted to hear from you. If the club shop now opens on a Sunday or a different bus runs to the stadium, do let us know.

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