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Each month, we’re producing a Libero newsletter to flag up stories we feel merit special attention. Or ones we just happen to like. Maybe a village team is making an epic run in the Coupe de France or another bizarre aspect of football in Eastern Europe has found its way onto our radar. Any excuse, frankly, to revisit another run-down ground east of Vienna and marvel at the signage.

As our remit covers far more than the 90 minutes twixt kick-off and stoppage-time agony, we’ll also be looking every aspect around enjoying the game in unfamiliar parts. Niche football bars are making a comeback – that means you, wonderful Didi:Offensiv in Basel – while ever more clubs are building hotels beside their ground to accommodate visiting teams, supporters and football liggers sporting lanyards.

VfB Clubrestaurant/Alan Deamer

Football also brings out the beast in us, as pies, sausages and all kinds of grilled meat are guzzled with merry abandon on match day. Does the French merguez stand comparison with the German wurst? Why can’t a Hungarian watch a football match without a fistful of sunflower seeds? Do yellow-topped canisters of caffè Borghetti still cut the mustard in Italy? (Answer: yes, but only just.)

And, of course, it’s Women’s World Cup year. We’re visiting every stadium, taking a Getty Library’s worth of photographs and necked tinnies beside a panoramic view of the ocean. A full guide will follow, flagged up, naturally, in our regular newsletter.

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