Salvaged from the wreckage of provincial hell by punk rock and Total Football, Mönchengladbach-born Peterjon Cresswell turned to Europe for work and inspiration. He has been on the road ever since.

A graduate in Russian and French from the University of Westminster, he used long-term study trips in Provence, Leningrad, Kiev and a Russian monastery in Paris to complete dissertations (read: homework) on the French football press, and the underground music scene in the Soviet Union.

After an idiosyncratic, teeth-cutting stint as a maverick news and leisure journalist in South-East London, he moved to Budapest for a similar position at the equally maverick English-language publication ‘Budapest Week’.

He has since spent the last two decades working freelance in the region, covering sport and travel in (mainly) Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Germany and Slovenia. He has also put together some 20 guidebooks to cities such as Baku, Kraków, Brussels and Paris, for Time Out and Frommer’s. He also writes a regular monthly football travel feature for ‘World Soccer’.

He has talked Hungarian football face-to-face with Ferenc Puskás in the lobby of Budapest’s Hotel Béke and interviewed Eric Cantona by a pile of sand in Dubai for ‘The Observer Sport Monthly’.

He has also covered subjects as diverse as cinema in Macedonia, Sergei Bubka’s Olympic dream and post-war jazz in Frankfurt for a slew of in-flight magazines.

Libero is his first digital work and the result of 20 years’ research into the subject.