Amiens SC

The miracle of Reims fades into the record books

A fan’s guide – the club from early doors to today

When bets were being made on who would go up from Ligue 2 in 2016-17, Amiens SC trailed behind a number of teams – and that was during stoppage time in the last game of the season.

Then, as the clock at Reims showed 96 minutes, Emmanuel Bourgaud reversed 116 years of history with one shot, winning the game, pushing Amiens from sixth place to second, and ensuring back-to-back promotions to Ligue 1.

Thereafter, the Stade de la Licorne has been buzzing, its 12,000 capacity near packed every game for two top-flight campaigns. Mercurial coach Christophe Pélissier was lured to Lorient before the 2019-20 season but Amiens should now have the experience to steer clear of danger.

Stadium Guide

The field of dreams – and the stands around it

Still looking contemporary thanks to its transparent roof, the 20-year-old ‘Unicorn Stadium’ is nothing if not intimate, the fans up close to the pitch. 

Apart sectors A and B in a corner of the Tribune Sud allocated to visiting supporters, all spectators are locals, livelier ones in the Tribune Nord, higher-paying ones in sideline Tribune Est and top-dollar merchants in Tribune Ouest.

getting there

Going to the stadium – tips and timings

With buses pretty infrequent to/from the nearest stop of Mégacité – the 7 to/from the Gare du Nord (20mins) is hourly, and only until 8pm –  it’s little wonder that the free shuttle bus (navette gratuite) from the station (quai D) is oversubscribed. It also takes 35min. Walking from town, via barely used Gare St-Roch station, would be just as quick.

getting in

Buying tickets – when, where, how and how much

Nearly all tickets are sold online, either from the club or agencies such as Ticketmaster and Fnac. There are also ticket offices at the stadium.

Prices are categorised by seat position (1-6, from an average of €30 in the balcony down to €17.50 behind the goals) and by opposition. Availability isn’t a problem now that PSG, Lyon and Marseille are coming to play Gala matches in Ligue 1.

what to buy

Shirts, kits, merchandise and gifts

Amiens SC settled on black and white relatively recently, and remain unconvinced, judging by the grey/white tiger stripy affair selected as a first kit for 2019-20, with red-and-blue touches harking back to the 1990s. It’s a mess but available from the modest match-day tent by the ticket offices. Tiger stripes in black and grey – the away top – hardly makes amends for such fashion faux pas.

Where to Drink

Pre-match beers for fans and casual visitors

If you’re walking from St-Roch station, you can’t miss the age-old Tartarin, Le St-Roch and Bar du Zenith nearby, all timelessly French, the first two offering a traditional menu, the latter unchanged since Johnny Hallyday’s heyday. Leave plenty of time to reach the stadium, a good 15min walk away.

Nearer the ground, just past La Chambre d’Amiens hotel, the bmb leisure centre at 10 rue Colbert comprises a bowling alley with a bar attached where Pelforth flows on draught.

At the stadium, the Bodega marquee by the reception area fills with supporters on match days – more often than not, these are VIPs rather than random punters.