How to buy Premier League tickets

Source your seat for the world’s greatest league

See the world's top teams and greatest players in hallowed football grounds

The world’s greatest league continues into the New Year with exciting fixtures such as Chelsea staging a local derby against Fulham, Newcastle welcoming champions Manchester City, and Manchester United playing at home to Tottenham.

The following week, Arsenal host Crystal Palace before, bookending January, Liverpool and Chelsea clash at Anfield… And so it goes on. 

The 20 Premier League teams then battle it out until May, with title deciders and relegation cliffhangers going down to the wire.

Anfield/David Swift

But how can I get a ticket to see any of this? With so many places taken up by season-ticket holders, and games selling out awfully fast, guaranteeing a ringside seat from a trustworthy source is always difficult.

Many now celebrate birthdays by buying a hospitality package, where your match ticket comes with a meal and perhaps an appearance from a club legend. For that once-in-a-lifetime experience, it can’t be beat – but the cost per person can run into several hundreds of pounds.

And then there’s touts and agencies of varying degrees of reliability – fine if you’re happy to risk your money but there’s no comeback if you’re refused entry at the gate.

London Stadium/Jim Wilkinson

Even when availability seems impossible, the resale market is usually everyone’s port of call, although negotiating the offers from each company can be a tricky business, with serious price differences.

By using EventsCompare, you can assess what’s out there on the marketplace for the match you’ve just got to see. That way you can weigh up the cost compared to the seat you’ll be getting, ensuring you the best deal, as well as a smooth and dependable purchase process. 

Once your tickets are in the bag, you can then go ahead and book your flight, train ticket or hotel.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium/Liam Dawber

The companies involved have built their reputations over years of trading, catering to millions of satisfied customers by assuring them of a slice of the action.

These are trusted sources – but do make sure you read the terms and conditions for each resale outlet to understand your purchase.

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