San Marino Stadium

Few home wins at the little Olimpico but goals a gogo

The field of dreams – and the stands around it

The San Marino Stadium, still known by its previous name of the Stadio Olimpico di San Marino, is the modest, communal ground used by the San Marino national side and club teams AC Juvenes/Dogana and Folgore Calcio of the local Campionato Sammarinese.

Accommodating just under 7,000 spectators, divided from the pitch by a running track, the stadium is often referred to after its surrounding local municipality, Serravalle, the one conveniently closest to the main arrival point of Rimini. Italy’s most popular Adriatic resort is only just over half-an-hour by bus – stay on board for another 15mins and you climb to focal San Marino City.

San Marino Stadium/Peterjon Cresswell

The road the bus takes, the San Marino Superstrada, divides the stadium from the modest but pleasant offerings of Serravalle: a decent three-star hotel and a handful of bars and restaurants. In order to cross it, you’ll need to take the long way round, via the pedestrian overpass, the sovrapasso, that lends its name to the nearest bus stop.

Once at the ground, you’ll find it comprised of two simple, roofed stands facing each other along each sideline, one containing a modest display of San Marino sporting achievements, and bust of Ayrton Senna who perished at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994 – the other adjoins a sports hall and faces the Multieventi pool, café and events hall.

Home fans are allocated tickets in the Tribuna Nord and sector D. Both sets of players and officials must change in a modest cabin on the other side of Tribuna A from the Senna statue. The ground was built in 1969 and is all-seated.

getting there

Going to the stadium – tips and timings

Most head for San Marino by way of Rimini. As you exit Rimini train station, head diagonally right over the road for the last bus stop. See Serravalle for links to the two bus companies serving the Rimini route and taxi numbers.

Alighting at Sovrapasso, walk back a few metres towards the overhead pedestrian walkway then round to the slip road – the stadium is to your right, a steepish downhill stroll of less than 10mins.

Note that the last bus from Serravalle to Rimini is early evening.

getting in

Buying tickets – when, where, how and how much

As in Italy, photo ID is required to buy tickets for San Marino games. The main ticket hut is on the corner of Tribuna A and the slip road. 

Advance tickets are distributed through the VivaTicket network, either online or in person at its sales points. In San Marino, this is at the Free Shop electronics store (Mon-Sat 9am-7.30pm, Sun 3pm-7.3pm), Atlante shopping centre, via Settembre 17 in Dogana. In Rimini, they are sold at the small Visit Rimini tourist information office (Mon-Sat 9am-1pm) in the train station and Tabaccheria Pruccoli (viale Amerigo Vespucci 69, Mon-Thur 6am-12.30pm, 3pm-7.30pm, Fri-Sun 6am-7.30pm) tobacconists near the seafront.

Home fans can also buy tickets from the Federazione Sammarinese office at strada di Montecchio 17 (Mon-Fri 10am-noon, 4pm-6.30pm), a short drive south-east from the historic centre of the San Marino capital. Visiting supporters should source tickets through their respective FAs.

For internationals, you’ll pay €30 (under-12s €15) for the best seats in the North Stand, €25 (€10) nearer the corners and €20 in the South Stand. For European club fixtures involving San Marino teams, admission is usually €10 (€5), domestic fixtures even less. Pay on the day is the norm.

Where to Drink

Pre-match beers for fans and casual visitors

Pre- and post-match bars are on the stadium side of the Superstrada.

Diagonally opposite Il Monte hotel, the City Bar on the main road is a loungey spot favoured by San Marino Calcio players on post-match Sunday evenings. It may offer cocktails and Brazilian disco nights but the City Bar is also handy for a draught Warsteiner with a complimentary snack bowl. 

The stadium is visible from the toilet window but you’ll still have to brave oncoming traffic for 30 metres before you turn left for the ground – there’s no way of walking directly from bar to the Stadio Olimpico.

Once down at stadium level, the nearest café is the Bar Incontro (‘Coffee for Lovely People’) at via Rancaglia 29 near the junction, a friendly local spot with hot food and a signed San Marino Calcio shirt over the door.

At the stadium itself, there’s a café on the first floor of the Multieventi building, overlooking the pool. S ammarinese cakes such as Torta Tre Monti are the speciality. There’s also a little bar at the sports hall, immediately behind the stand, under a green-and-white awning – and a piadina kiosk is set nearby. Both bars serve alcohol but not at major internationals.